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Apr 17, 2024
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Hi folks, I'm an old guy with a short spouse who finds it increasingly difficult to find cars she can fit to drive. We have gone through Honda, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, you name it. Yesterday I had an inspiration: recent Legacy. Found a lovely car, Limited at a Subaru dealer 2022. Everything looks and feels perfect. Got home and started reading Consumer Reports and some other sources, especially about things like cracking windshields and difficult to solve electrical problems. This is a used car witha few months of the original warranty and Massachusetts Lemon Law as protection, with the option to buy an extended Subaru warranty, not a 3rd party for $3k. But once it's off the lot it's mine.

We said we wanted it, loved it before the reading began. And now thinking I'm maybe nuts to buy a headache of a car, or nuts to keep searching. ANY helpful thoughts out there?
Gotta respond - my first post - bought a used 2024 Legacy from the local dealer 5 days ago. Short response - Buy it. I told my son that the purchase was about as utilitarian as buying a hammer or shovel. I just needed to replace my 2018 GMC Sierra with a smaller vehicle. Five days later I really like this Legacy. I'll continue in additional posts.....
WHY SUBARU? I bought a new Forester/XT in 2014, kept it for 6 years and it was trouble free. I wanted some off-road capability and it delivered. In 2015 my daughter got out of med school and was assigned to a Roanoke, VA teaching hospital for residency. She got thru college and med school in a 98 Accord and needed something more reliable and good for Roanoke conditions. We looked at the Honda CRV which she liked because it was pretty. The Toyota RAV4 then became her choice, though I preferred the Forester. She drove the RAV4 late Saturday afternoon and planned to come back Sunday to purchase it. Got up Sunday morning and she announced she wanted the Forester. She's had it almost 9 years and plans to keep it indefinitely. This is in Portland, OR and she drives back roads, mountain roads, forest roads, and snowy roads.

I see what you mean about owner reliability surveys. 60 out of 100, bested only by the Camry at 93/100 for similar cars. Plus the Subaru brand is 2 out of 34 for all car brands and 1 out of 15 for Mainstream Car Brands (excluding luxury vehicles).

Get the extended warranty for peace of mind.
We bought our 2020 Legacy new, and it now has nearly 100000 miles on it. We love it and would buy another one in a heartbeat. Remember, only the complainers post on the web. The thousands of happy customers never say a word. Bottom line: if I were you, I'd buy the thing and live happily ever after!

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