Fluctuating idle/stalling at idle

Dec 23, 2021
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I'm about all out if ideas. My 2005 subaru impreza outback sport has had a lot of issues as of recent. I'm to a point where I need to reach out and seek advice. My car has had a bank 1 too lean code for roughly 2 years. Untill it went into limp mode a few weeks back with 2 misfires and left me stranded on the side of the high way. I got it towed to a shop and they said it needed a tune up and head cover gaskets. I told them to go ahead with it. About 150 miles later the light came back on and ide fluctuated to near stalling to about 1500 rpm. The car stalls when I take ot out of gear to a stop light or put it in natural to turn. Took it to get it scanned at auto zone and they told me the maf was bad. Replaced that. When that didn't fix the same issue I checked for a zacuum leak and couldn't find anything. Then I just started guessing tbh. I put a fuel pump in 2 days ago. Seemed to work for about 20 miles then the same issue came back. Then I remembered when I took it to subaru when the problem first occurred. They told me I had to replace both o2 sensors and the egr valve. So I did that and still no change. Today I pulled the throttle body unit and cleaned it. It was pretty gunked up threw it back together and still the same issue. Tomorrow I'm going to pull the injectors and clean them as a last ditch effort. If thay doesn't fix it and I'm not hopeful it will. I'm lost. Amy advise is greatly appreciated. And btw the car has 112000 miles on it. Could it be a timing issue?

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