1996 EJ22 Runs & cold idles, warm idle surges flickering oil light.

Jun 6, 2022
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Hello first of all. I am very new to working on cars, this was sort of my first major project. 1996 SOHC EJ22.

EJ22, pissed oil so I thought it an opportunity to learn got an engine stand and hoist and pulled it out. Stripped it down to the main block (did not open the block) and did everything from there up. Head gaskets, new seals everywhere, new water pump, rear seal, and separator plate. Oil pan and Trans pan resealed, new o rings inside oil pan and suck up tube. New o ring inside oil pump and put lock tite on screws that hold the plate on inside oil pump (internals looked fine). Heads were done by a local shop, said my cylinder walls looked fine.

It starts and runs great, (it's about 30F deg outside atm).

Once it is really warmed and at idle (in park or foot on the brake at a light) the engine will begin to surge like it is trying to stay alive and the oil light will flash as it does this. You don't see a big change in RPM when it surges, but you can feel it and hear it. The light never comes on during driving and no issues while driving.

Attached is a video of the oil light dancing about. Any guidance on what I might be missing would be great.

Oil: Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic SAE 5w-30



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