Crazy thought, GL/loyale WRX swap

Feb 28, 2020
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Hi there, very new to the forum and by no means a surabru expert. Had a crazy idea tonight. My buddy has an 84 gl hatch with a 4 speed and 4wd hi/low. I'm looking at a 81 Subaru loyale wagon with 4wd hi/low manual (I'm guessing 4 speed as well). Love the cars, I've daily driven my buddies go hatch for a couple of months in the winter time. Probably going to buy the 81 loyale wagon just for shits and gigs (complete running car) but at the same time would love to turn it into a sleeper, aka swap some sort of wrx motor in there. I had a 2014 wrx with the ej255 and would love to to see anything making that kind of power but any kind of power gains are welcome. I'm basically just looking to understand what is possible on this platform and go from there. I've down a basic deep dive on Google and facebook forums but haven't come across anything of the sorts yet. Would love to keep the awd hi/low functions but I realize that more power means a beefier transmission that would probably do away with that but the ultimate goal is sock looks with more power while maintaining awd. Let me know what you guys know or think it the subject, any and all help is much appreciated!


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