Position of the brake and accelerator pedals in 2006 Outback wagon


Bill Bradley

Anyone else find them too far to the left (and the center console covering
too much space to the left, too)? I get a cramp in my leg after 30 minutes
or so of driving the car...


I just got my 2006 OBW, moving up from a 1997. I do feel some right
leg discomfort.

It doesn't seem to me that hte pedals are too far to the left, rather,
I perceive it as less leg room lengthwise - I tend to want to slide the
seat back further than it will go. I've noticed that reclining the
seat back a bit more than I normally would seems to help. I hope I get
used to it.

Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the car.
I'm looking down at my leg, and, it's twisted to the left, instead of

I suppose it COULD be less legroom...



The rear seats, especially. NO WAY 4 adults could do a cross-country trip
in this car. I got the Outback, rather than the Forester, as, I figured in
a bigger car, there'd be more room. Boy...was that a mistake.

On the other hand, Consumer Reports rated the rear legroom as fine,
so...what do I know...<G>

And, it seems to drive OK, so, guess I'll keep it...<G>

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