'98 Legacy Outback questions, please ??

Jun 1, 2018
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Hi Folks.
Previously my partner had the same year & model & though we're in Vermont where cars rust to bits, we got lucky enough to find another which came here from CA. & got well treated before rust could set in.
We're very happy with it but for several things:
1 - The dome light doesn't come on at all;
2 - It throws an evap code every so often;
3 - It has the central locking system & the alarm stickers - but came with no remote(s).

I'm guessing it uses the same ones as the other '98 did as it has no button near the OBD plug - and we have good remotes left over from when the other car went for parts.
They are the Alps 88036ae060 & look like the pic here:

But, when trying to get the car into programming mode it is 100% unresponsive - leading me to think that system was disconnected or is otherwise messed up.

I tried the programming steps from the couple of different alarm types I found & none of it made any difference.

Since the alarm must also use door switches I'm guessing these may be related somehow...
In my searching I've read a bunch of stuff about fuses & different systems & I remain uncertain of how to proceed.

I will appreciate any guidance in these matters very much !!

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