Aux input on a '98 Legacy Outback


L. Ross Raszewski

My trsty old '91 legacy finally went the way of all flesh, and, Subaru
fanatic that I am, I managed to pick up a spry little '98 Legacy
Outback Limited.

It's got most of the bells and whistles, which is cool, but the one
feature I loved the most about my old '91 isn't present on the newer
model: a line-input jack on the radio.

I was wondering if anyone had some wisdom as to how to install one on
my own. From what I've managed to google, the hookup for the optional
CD changer is the way to go, but nothign I've found was particularly
long on details as to how to do this -- or even where exactly that
hookup is. Even the Haynes manual I bought for it doesn't have
anything even remorely resembling the details for the radio wiring.

(And while I'm on the subject, is the CD/radio/cassette deck supposed
to have any illumination? I suspect mine fell victim to a former owner
who wasn't comfortable with the location of the cupholders -- so any
suggestions as to whether this is reparable damage, or, failing that,
recommendations for a replacement unit)

I don't know anything about the CD changer port, but I bought a new
Alpine unit for my '97 Outback and I have been really happy with it.
Easy to install, and I also bought a cable that lets me use a line-in
jack. I can also use the dock connector on my iPod to send the song
info right to the deck.
Good to know. I think I'll replace the unit, since the CD player seems
to be flakey and I can't really stand those watchface LCD-style
displays. Any gotchas or helpful hints on installing a new system on
this beast?
It was a really straightforward removal/installation, although it was
getting dark and I lacked a stubby screwdriver so I just ripped my
ashtray out of the dash. It's really just a couple of screws and
that's all to get the old one out. I ordered from Crutchfield so I got
the wiring harness I needed and very detailed instructions. Good luck.

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