90 Loyale not starting after head gaskets changed

Jul 24, 2022
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Hello all. I recently changed head gaskets, seals, timing belts in my 1990 Loyale SW with 5spd 4wd. The process stretched out to 5 months in my garage. The engine will crank but no start. Quadruple checked cam timing IAW Chilton manual. Compressions from 1-4 are: 65, 100, 115, 100. Was getting weak spark to plugs at first, changed to new plugs, new dizzy cap and rotor and found coil lead to dizzy was showing unlimited resistance. New lead installed, no joy. Checked dizzy rotation and found good. Confirmed fuel getting to plugs as plugs are wet with fuel after starting attempts. No help with starting fluid. ECU shows 5 short light bursts when key turned to "on" without cranking. Any thoughts, guidance greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi, are you sure about the timing belts,, the ea82 is a little weird. You must use the 3 little marks on the flywheel as a base, not the ign timing marks at tdc. Set the left (disty side) belt first,, then you have to rotate the crank 360 degrees,, and set the right side belt. So the cam timing wheels will be oposite each other,, one straight up, the other straight down,, this is why you must set the left side first, then rotate crank 360, and set the other. Since you had the disty out,, you have to get that back in time separately from the belts, you may have to do some research to do it, or some trial&error, since the ign timing marks and the belt timing marks are at different places on the flywheel. Sounds dumb but this the ea82.
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