93 Loyale No Start

Apr 13, 2021
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I'm new to Subarus and my son bought a 93 Loyal with the auto trans and EA82 engine. It ran fine when we bought it and it sat for a couple of months with us starting it and running it weekly. Last week, it wouldn't start and I monkeyed around with the throttle bottle and ran some cleaner through it and we got it running. I planned on changing the fuel filter. We don't know how long the fuel sat in it from the previous owner, but it only had about a quarter tank in it. We topped it off with fresh fuel. This Sunday, we changed the fuel filter which didn't look too bad but it would not start again. I got it running with some carb cleaner and thought it just had some old fuel gumming up the throttle body. It ran pretty good for a few minutes, so we took off. about a half mile down the road, it died. We couldn't restart it. We got it off the road and had my other son come and jump start us. Again, it took some carb cleaner and some patience and we got it running again. It idled for about 5 minutes with no stalling, so we took off again. This time we made it about 4 miles and it began to stall out again. We got it off the road and let it sit a few minutes. It would start for a few seconds, then die. We eventually killed the battery and got another jump. It would not stay running. I got it towed home and last night I checked to see that the fuel pump was coming on. It was. I know I have spark, but is the pump possibly going out and working only intermittently or could it be something else. I thought about the fuel pressure regulator, but I'm not too familiar with this car yet. Sorry for the long-winded post. I will appreciate any advice from you all.


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