2018 Subaru Forester w/o eyesight flashing dash lights

Jul 14, 2023
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Hello there,

my subaru was parked for two days in the garage, started all the lights flashing on the dash, was able to clear the codes, but after driving for a bit, they all came back.
Engine fault code, transmission fault code, etc.. I don't have the code numbers at this point.
The dealer had recommended I change the battery as it was getting low. I did that, lights still on. I've googled this lots of DIYs to fix, but none worked.

Anyone here have this issue? How did you fix it?
The car drives fine.
The vehicle is going in for a service a couple of weeks, They will check if I haven't been able to address it.

Thank you for welcoming me to this group.


Battery was replaced the codes are:
P0500-vehicle speed sensor fr
C1 212 FR wheel speed sensor signal
C1 424 ECM abnormal
C1 431 - AT abnormal

I replaced the knuckle and removed the sensor, inspected it, no issues, cleaned it and put it back. I’ve tried to clear the codes but they just keep coming back. I don’t get it!!
Super frustrating, any help… please

Thank you
The main part will look like this example: https://www.amazon.com/Assemblies-2005-2014-2009-2014-Forester-2008-2014/dp/B07M73XGMS
The Right Front Speed Sensor will look like this example: https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2...S-Wheel-Speed-Sensor/49236736/27540SG000.html

Test the speed sensor resistance and check the connection. Disconnect the speed sensor and check / test the wiring to the ABS controller for damaged / open or short circuits.

A decent scan tool offers wheel speeds as in my example for the right rear defect.


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Thank you for your reply. I’ve replaced the hub assembly you attached. I just removed the speed sensor put to the side, replaced the control arm, knuckle and hub assembly, cleaned it and put it in. I can clear the code but within minutes of driving all the lights come on.

I have an autel maxidiag elite md801. I’ve used extensively with other vehicles and able to clear it.
I’m not sure if it has wheel speed. I’ll have to check it.

I know electronic parts should not fail for a vehicle which is 5 years old but it seems really coincidental that it’s giving me this issue after removing it from the knuckle. Everything is brand new. I’m very nervous the abs controller may be damaged. I’m really struggling.

Does the dealer need to be the one who clears this? I may not have the right tool.
The autel maxidiag elite md801 is good enough but its used for Engine only. Read the manual and look for ABS live data.

A dealer is not required to read the network codes and delete them. Most good quality aftermarket tools From Snap-On, MAC, Autel, Launch will work.

This may also work, I have something similar:
And have it on a separate drive in a Dell D630 or Dell E4600.
Thank you @Ecmbuster. The hub, knuckle are both brand new, so grime is not the problem. I did add some antiseize to be able to remove it if necessary. I will dissemble everything again and double check it all. I don’t mind at all, if it works.

My scan tool does have live data. I will try it.
I was able to read the wheel speed for the wheel issue. Im getting a zero reading. the gap between the sensor and the hub is quite large. I tested it on the previous hub/knuckle and the gap is very small. I’m thinking the hub assembly I received is not the correct one. I’m wondering if I can return it? I purchased it at Napa.
If the wrong part was offered, bring it back with the original and have that conversation.
It’s definitely the wrong part. NAPA auto parts took it back and gave me the correct one. This one has a much thicker/deeper bearing. All codes cleared and did not return.
Thank you to everyone here, especially @Ecmbuster.

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