1999 Subaru Legacy Wagon twin turbo died while driving.

Feb 27, 2024
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Hello all,

I currently live in Japan with my husband and while I was driving home, my Subaru Legacy wagon’s check engine light and ABS light came on at the same time; then the engine started bucking a little bit and the power steering went out and a few seconds later the engine died.
Thankfully my friend was driving behind us and followed us to the emergency parking lot I found. My husband tried to restart the car but it made a clicking noise and didn’t turn over at all.
Our friend jumped the subie, and it started up right away but the check engine light is still on… we managed to get it to our home 5 min away with no other issues except the check engine light.

From what we experienced, it seems to be an electrical issue, I’m not sure if it is the alternator or not but I’m stressed out because it is our only car right now and we both work.

Please, any insight will be so very much appreciated.

- Sara

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