Window woes

Aug 5, 2020
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Hey all!

I am sure this has been discussed here previously, but we have had problems with the driver side window when ever the car is wet. The window will start to go up, and then will stop and go back down. Seems that the extra drag of the wet window seal against the glass triggers the "anti-pinch" sensor. Usually we can override the sensor by holding the window button in the "up" position to force the window up.

Well, yesterday was a different story. It was zero degrees F, so the whole car was cold (even though we'd been driving for a while with the heater on). I lowered the window to key in a gate code at the airport, and the window wouldn't even begin to go back up. Well, actually it would go up about an inch and then stop. Holding the "up" button would do no good. So I ended up driving the car back home (about 10 miles) with the window open. Believe me, the heater can't keep up with zero degree temps with the window open!!

I put the car in our garage and covered the open window with a blanket, and about an hour later the window finally went up. Lesson learned! Don't open the window when it's frigid cold outside!!

The car is at the dealership for routine service today, so my wife is going to talk to the service team about it. It's my understanding that there's a tech bulletin about this issue, but I haven't been able to address it with the dealer until today.

Man, that was a cold ride!!
I have seen that in poor weather including icing. One cure to to make sure the window regulator is properly aligned in the track but used a non water based silicone lubricating spray on the rubber track.
UPDATE: We talked to the dealer and they confirmed that there is a service bulletin on this issue. We are going to get it taken care of when we get back from our trip.

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