Various parts for 2006 Subaru Legacy GT

Mar 6, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

New to the forum. I was told to try this community, maybe we can help each other out.

Currently, I have around a grand worth of parts that were meant for my car, but will supposedly fit other years close to my model as well, sitting in my garage. My 2006 Legacy GT was totaled before I could put new parts in, and I'm now stuck with them as the Rock Auto return period has lapsed. I have the following parts with proof of purchase. Boxes were opened to inspect parts, but the parts never left the boxes. Below are the manufacturers, part numbers, and part categories, and my suggested sale price

I have the following available:

(Quantity 1) ACDELCO, AC 8-6722, Windshield washer pump, $30.00
(Quantity 1) FCS, FCS 1331758R, Strut / Coil Spring / Mount assembly front right; GT model, $50.00
(Quantity 1) FCS, FCS 1331758L, Strut / Coil Spring / Mount assembly front left; GT model, $50.00
(Quantity 2) FCS, FCS 1345470, Strut / Coil Spring / Mount assembly rear; GT model, $40.00 each
(Quantity 1) Liland Global, LIL ISU3B, Fuel Tank, $350.00
(Quantity 1) DriveMotive, RS31450004, Replacement - Fuel Pump, $70.00
(Quantity 1) Standard Motor Products, SI ALS814, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Front Left $25.00
(Quantity 1) Standard Motor Products, SI ALS817, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Front Right $25.00

Let me know if anyone is interested. DMs are open. I can send pictures if needed.


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