Subaru wrx 2002 transmission in outback 2007

Oct 29, 2019
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Hey guys,

I have my outback for a couple years now and I've been doing maintenance myself but I might have bitten in a bigger project than I should have. Here's my situation:

Changed my outback 5mt transmission for a wrx 2002 5mt (changed clutch kit. flywheel, etc.) I made everything fit but I'me having a problem with the cv driveshafts. The ones made for the outback have two male ends but the ones from the wrx have female ends that fits on the transmission. Those that are from the wrx are 3 inches too short so I tried to fit the shaft + outer end of the outback on the inner end part for the wrx.

Problem is, they don't fit.

I have :
Two original cv driveshafts from the wrx transmission,
Two ruined cv driveshafts from the outback (two different model, as I realized it after the purchase of the new ones)
two new cv driveshafts for the 2007 outback
two new cv driveshafts for the 2002 wrx

One wrx original inner part fits on one of the outback ruined ones... but that's it.
The new driveshafts of the wrx have abs wheel reader on the shaft and doesn't have a guard for the outback abs sensor (that reads from the wheel hub) and are too short
The new outback shafts can't fit in my wrx transmission

So now 600$ down due to those driveshafts ( including 2 abs sensor I had to change cause I broke it while trying stuff)

What should I do?

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