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Nov 25, 2017
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I have a 2006 outback with the 2.5l non turbo engine with 148,000 miles. I'm a former chrysler technician with 25 years experience but have limited experience on Subaru's. The problem is that this engine has excessive oil consumption. At least a quart every 500 miles. I bought this used for my daughter with 126,000 miles in august of 2016. Knowing that Subaru has had headgasket issues and valve guide problems, this car had head gaskets replaced and a valve job done in may 2016 by previous owner at a reputable independent repair garage. I talked to owner of garage and was told previous owner took good care of car. so I bought it from a chevrolet dealer and did a lot of front and rear suspension work before letting my daughter drive it. After a couple months of driving it I noticed it was low on oil. I topped it off and monitored the consumption. At that time it was about a quart every 1500 miles. Now its about a quart every 500 miles. There are NO external leaks on this engine. I replaced PCV valve with no change in consumption. Engine runs smooth and There is no blue smoke out exhaust. No smoke is unusual since chrysler 3.0 v6 had valve guide issues and burned lots of oil that was very noticeable. Engine compression is 180 psi on all cylinders. Is there any other component in PCV system that might be causing this consumption before I decide to remove the heads thinking valve stem seal or valve guide problems. Thanks

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