For Sale: 2005 Baja Turbo Wreck

Jan 3, 2019
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It's time. It's killing me but I need to sell my BT

My knees have gotten so bad that I had to stop working and go on social security. I need surgery to replace both knees - or so says my doc. Since I'm retired military, the operation would be free, but that's too final for me. Until I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO, I'm not letting anyone cut out the middle of my legs, shove a couple of titanium joints in there, stitch me up and throw my knees into the trash.

I've done a little research - if I get stem cell therapy injections my knees might recover well enough to get me another decade pain-free. If the injections don't work, then I'll consider complete replacement. The problem is the military won't pay for it because it's experimental and the injections are expensive as hell. Without being able to work, I've fallen way behind and, much as it's killing me, I have to sell the BT to get some cash.

Back in the summer of 2015 I was involved in a chain reaction accident on the interstate. My insurance company insisted on totalling my BT, but refused to pay me what I thought it was worth. I was ticked, so I bought the wreck back from them and took even less cash. I've had it in dry storage inside a 40ft. shipping container ever since.

I'm an old dude who used to be a professional Toyota mechanic. I bought my BT new and for a decade it was my daily driver and work vehicle. I kept it in excellent shape and most folks thought I was lying when they'd compliment me about my shiny new little truck and I told them it was a decade old. It had about 103,000 miles on it when the wreck occurred. I lost the tailgate, the hood, both front fenders and the radiator support and radiator. It started, went in gear and drove away from the accident, but I had to have it towed home due to the busted radiator. The tub (passenger compartment), all four doors, all glass and the interior are unharmed (Driver's seat has the usual wear-through at the left edge). The drivetrain and engine are great.

I got estimates to put it right again from half a dozen body shops. The lowest bid was - I kid you not - $9,999.00. Too rich for my blood. Until the knees got so bad, I was waiting and watching for another BT with a blown engine that was going for a decent price - I see them every month or so going for anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. I had planned to purchase a donor, swap my engine, drivetrain, bed liner and interior into the donor, and then sell off the engine, drivetrain, bed liner and interior from the donor, as well as the tub with all four doors and all glass from my old BT. Now, since I'm in this fix, I have to sell it. Maybe someday, after my knees are pain-free again, I'll be able to purchase another.

So, a great little car. Buy it all for $2500, adopt my plan and purchase a BT with a blown mill for another $2500, swap everything out for about a grand in labor or do it yourself and you'll be into a BT for about $6K. Alternatively, do all of this, make some money back by selling the parts from the donor and the tub and doors, and then sell the car at a decent profit. Don't know what a BT sells for where any of you are, but one in good shape with only 100K around here (Seattle) is a $10K to $12K car all day long.

Any takers? If you want to talk about it, give me a call between 7 and 8 pm in the evenings my time (PST) at 425-806-4875 and ask for Mike. [email removed by admin]

Hope to hear from someone soon.


PS: The photo below is my BT before the accident.


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