EV light does not come on anymore at startup or driving

Jan 27, 2023
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We got a 2015 Crosstrek XV Hybrid from Carvana in 2021. Recently we stopped seeing the EV light - it never comes on driving, even slow going downhill, and it does not light up when starting the car, even though most other lights come on for a moment.

I don't see any fuses out; I pulled a few that seemed relevant and they were fine. I unplugged the batteries to reset everything. I don't know what else to check out, or what this might indicate - especially I don't know if it's just the light, or is the vehicle not using electric anymore?

Thanks for any input.


Nov 20, 2022
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Have the vehicle scanned with a tool that can access Subaru SSM or have the dealer perform the complete scan.
No way to know unless it is measured.

This post will help you understand other associated complaints.
DO NOT touch any high voltage harnesses or batteries, have a professional inspect the system.
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