Engine noise 2015 Outback

Feb 18, 2024
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We have owned 3 Subarus' beginning in 1998 to the present time.
Our 2015 Outback has had a noisy engine at start up and low speeds since it was new. My dealer told us it was just the new design engine which had a chain driven valve system. He later said maybe it was the harmonics of the new design engine?
I would describe the sound as clicking rods or maybe pre-ignition noise. It has never got any worse and the engine operates just fine, good mileage and no oil use.
I have used Mobil 1 syn 5-20 and changed oil and filter with premium Wix or NAPA filters every 5,000 miles.
Suddenly at 68,205 the noise went away and engine is quite??
No noise at start up or low rpm acceleration as before???? Just stumped!!
We also have a 2015 outback - 3.6R with about 38,000 miles. It also has what sound like noisy lifters on start and for a couple of minutes. Once it is warm it is quiet. I even checked oil level after last change (every 5k miles) just to make sure it was good. I guess it is just an artifact of an aging flat 6. If it gets worse then I will worry. It sounds like an old Chevy straight 6 I had as a teen (long ago !!!).
I also noticed what sounds like the starter not disengaging fast enough when it is cold. Never happens when it is warm.
I plan to just watch both and if they get worse then I will either trade it in (wife wants a smaller, more comfortable sedan) or fix it.

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