Cvt Fluid change

Oct 26, 2023
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My Subaru Legacy 2.5i CVT 2012 is at 144,667 miles and I'm wondering if it should get changed. I'm unsure if it's been done before. It's been to the dealer for many major checkups. 132k 99k 80k were all major checkups according to my carfax. 80k had a huge list of stuff like diff fluid changes, flushes, and much more. the other ones say the vehicle was Serviced and then 80k was coolant, a few gaskets, and sparkplugs. But nothing about CVT fluid or anything CVT-related. My car fell victim to head gasket failure which I'm assuming it had before I got the car. got a new engine. But my car has shuddering issues, (before and after engine swap.) and it feels like it downshifts hard. Would new fluid help? just a change. I don't I would flush it. My dealer thinks it's a torque converter.
The down-shifting issue only happens when the car is warmed up completely it seems.
I know CVTs do not shift its just the best way I can describe it.
Overall is the change worth the try, should I leave it? Should I listen to the dealer? Personally, I think the fluid is worth a try. I just don't know if it makes it worse.
Go for the fluid change. Have the dealership do it. CVT oil is very special. Have them pull a sample of the old oil. Ask if any metal found. Once a CVT starts acting up like that, it's not a good sign. You are overdue for a change. They program in pause of the belt shift to feel like a traditional gear box. Most folks prefer that.

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