Cruise not working on '98 Impreza Outback sport



I recently purchased a 1998 Impreza Outback Sport with 135,000 mi. This
car runs great and everything is in great working order, except the
cruise control.

Recently, I decided to have my mechanic look at the cruise control. He
told me that he didn't have the equipment to diagnose the problem, so he
told me to take the car to the local Subaru dealer. The Subaru shop
told me that the ECU is the problem. The dealer gave me a quote of
about $460 parts/labor to replace the ECU. They then informed me that
they didn't have the part in stock, but that they would order it. They
had me make an appointment for the next week.

Eight days later I show up for my appointment, and they tell me that the
part isn't in. The shop manager tells me that he'll call me when the
part comes in to schedule another appointment. That was three days ago.

I'm just wondering if the ECU could be the problem and if it's really
this expensive. I'm also wondering if parts for my car are hard to come
by in general. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

you can probably get an aftermarket cruise control installed for less than
that. Check with your local stereo/security shops, they probably have a
vendor that they use for such applications.
Gosh Jimbo,

I just wish you luck.

I'll be watching to see if
it turns out to be the ECU.

Odd though; that the dealship
can't get the part in a week.

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