Aux Audio Not Loud At All

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ryanstuebe716, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. ryanstuebe716


    Jan 19, 2021
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    I've had my 2007 Outback 2.5XT for about 2 years now and it's been great! I've used my aux port to play music the whole time and never had any issues. One day, when I went to play music, it all of a sudden came through very quietly, even though I always listen to music at that level (15-20). Even when I turn the volume all the way up to 40 (Max) I can barely hear it. CD's and radio still play at normal volume. I replaced the aux cord and the adapter for my iPhone and same result. I've seen replacement aux ports online, but I can't find anything on how to remove the old one/put in the new one. Could that be the solution? If so, how do I remove the current aux port to replace it with a new one?
    ryanstuebe716, Jan 19, 2021
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