Auto dim mirror

Nov 28, 2023
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We have a 2021 Crosstrek Limited and I have a question concerning the auto dim mirror with compass and homelink. We bought the car from the major Subaru dealership chain in this area. It was a lease return from a family member. We sat in the lot and went thru all the controls, including this mirror and the owner pointed it out to us. We then went inside and spent about an hour buying the car and insurance, then got in it and drove away. We were a bit overwhelmed with all the features and spent a lot of time reading and adjusting everything. About 2 days later my wife noticed that there were no controls on the mirror, no compass and the 3 buttons along the bottom were missing-in other words the mirror was not the same one. We had to wait a couple of months to get the owner to do a visual confirmation that the mirror was NOT the one when he left it in the lot.

I called the dealership and finally caught the sales manager and asked him what happened to the mirror. He said he had no idea that anything had happened and asked if I was accusing him of theft? I replied I wasn't but wanted to know what happened. I finally got him to say he would look into it. Well a month has passed and no report on what happened. What I think is that the service department, seeing a lease return and a chance to make a couple of hundred bucks, swapped it out while we were in buying it. Technically they owned it for about 1/2 an hour till we signed the paperwork. This move will cost us about $650 for the mirror, labour and taxes and we are not happy.

I know this is pretty a plug and play operation but is there any way to identify if the mirror was switched? Is there some sort of seal on the wiring of an unfitted car that should be intact, that would show a plug had been removed?

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