2019 WRX STI Engine Warranty Claim Denied

Sep 14, 2023
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Hi All,

I just want to start off by saying how much I truly do love Subarus, but at this point I do not know what to do and I truly do not know if I will ever own a Subaru again. I basically grew up with Subaru cars my whole life, my grandfather had an Outback when I was born and my dad being a LIFE LONG MERCEDES BENZ MASTER TECH, swore on Subarus reliability and he has owned an Outback my whole life. So let me give you some back story before people start claiming I modded the rally BEAST. I am driving my car on a public road and instead of using my breaks to come to a halt I was downshifting per usual in a manual car, and I did miss 3rd gear and go from 4th to 2nd ONLY BECAUSE I HAD DONE THIS BEFORE BECAUSE I SLOW DOWN WITH MY BREAKS at the same time. My car immediately went haywire RPMS spiked crazy and immediately heard a loud pop and created an engine knock. Yes, I threw a valve into a piston and blew a cylinder and now I need a new engine. Some more back story, I have been doing my own car work since I was 14 and I am now 26 because my dad has been a master technician his whole life (now 40 years in the car industry). If you can guess what that means I do my own oil changes and being 26 I do noy have a filing cabinet to keep all my records for the last 7 years because the housing market is terrible right now. Anyways, I took my 2019 WRX STI to Glassman Subaru in Southfield, MI (NEVER EVER GET YOUR SUBARU SERVICED HERE FOR STARTERS) and they said oh you still have the factory 5yr/ 100,000 mile powertrain warranty this will be no problem, and also when I bought the car in 2022 I purchased the EXTENDED BUMPER to BUMPER warranty for this car as well (only because of all the issues the boxer engines have had over the years). So, I bought this car with 15k miles on it and I have had it for a year and it now has 33k miles on it. As soon as I got the car I switched it to royal purple oil and change the oil MYSELF every 3000-3500 miles. Now we are at the point to where my car has now been at the car dealership for TWO MONTHS WHILE I AM STILL FINANCING IT, just to find out Subaru is denying my 5yr/ 100,000 mile warranty (when my car is only 4 years old with 33k miles) AND the "extended 7yr bumper to bumper" warranty is ALSO denying my claim due to "lack of maintenance proof".

On that note I am truly and whole heartedly saddened by this whole experience and will probably never buy a Subaru again. I have now talked to 3 other Head Supervisors at other dealerships that are Subaru and other car brands and they have all said the same thing. "Your claim shouldn't be denied what so ever even if Subaru is claiming "user error".

I truly bought my dream car, since I was 16, at the age of 26 and this is how Subaru treats me along with "one of the best dealerships in my state". Its really sad to see what corporations have come to. They make all this markup and interest off consumers through their dealership partnerships and this is how they treat basically a 3rd generation MULTIPLE Subaru owner.

If anyone has any thoughts or any questions I am very open to answering any or having a open discussion about this because I haven't even told you the icing on top. Subaru of America denied my claim and is expecting me to pay their TERRIBLE SERVICE dealership $15,000 since my engine is already broken down there.

Anyone feel free to chime in!

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