2017 legacy 3.6 Intermittent squealing between 1100 & 1800 rpm

Jan 11, 2024
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First Subaru, first thread, so please point in right direction if posting in wrong place.

Purchased used 2017 legacy 3.6 (134k miles when purchased in late summer). It now has just under 150k miles on it. Hoping for the longevity & dependability that Subaru is known for providing.

I have always had full size 4wd trucks due to the 7mile rough arkansas gravel road I live on, but due to gas expense I had to do something different. The road literally beats vehicles to death. Anyways I’m hoping Subaru will be my answer. I have been impressed with performance & quality so far )wish it had better ride on gravel, but whatever).

On to problem…. Close to a month ago I started hearing a squealing sound (like a lose fan belt), but it occurs intermittently (reguardless of temp of vehicle) & primarily between 1200-1800 rpms. Seems only to happen when I have release throttle briefly and then accelerate again (reguardless of how aggressive I’m driving). But like I said, only when in that certain rpm range.

serpentine belt apears good enough, I did slightly tighten it, I also put bar of soap on belt while running as friends had told me to try, & no change.

Sound familiar? My finances are a joke & I’m real no mechanic, but if this things breaks I have no idea how I’ll get by.

Could this be something from timing chain (I know nothing about them, or possibly a problem with cvt?

Any help is appreciated
Hello, I have a 2017 Legacy 2.5 Premium and I'm having a similar issue.

In August of 2023 I had by drive belt replaced, however I just noticed the screeching noise starting in late January. What I have found so far:

* After the car warms up it seems to not happen as often.
* If I drive the car for the first time, go into a store and drive it, I hear it as I'm pulling out of any parking lot and at lower RPMs.
* Usually if I gun the accelerator the first few times it stops thereafter
* I can replicate the sound with the car in park and when I gun the accelerator.
* Trying to find the sound with someone else - it doesn't appear to be coming from any of the pullies or tensioner and the sounds is hard to hear in front of the car, but when you stand outside the driver side door it can be heard.
* I had a 94 Impreza that had the lovely heat shield rattle - and this is not that. This is like a metal screeching almost, not a squeaking that a belt would give off (I know this because that's why I replaced my drive belt to begin with).

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