2006 Subaru Legacy Rear Wiring: Help

Jan 15, 2023
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Hi All,

Apologies for the usual first "Oh crap" post.

Like many Subaru Legacy/Outback wagon owners, I had issues with wires breaking in the rubber boot leading from the hatch to the body of the car, so I set out to replace them all using a video from thediyguy .net. I made the mistake of cutting all the wires at that point in order to splice the replacements in. Most of them were easy fixes, matching colours. However, I ran into 2 sets of duplicates:
-2 black/grey 14 gauge wires
-2 yellow/green striped 16 gauge wires

I'm assuming these are grounds, but how can I tell if I'm connecting the correct matching wires from the body of the car to the correct matching wires from the hatch? I'm assuming I'll run into issues if I match the wrong black/grey with the wrong black/grey, or the wrong yellow/green with the wrong yellow/green.

I've tried looking for wiring diagrams with no luck so far.

Thanks in advance.
The correct wiring schematic can only be found by identifying the model - See image


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Accomplish the repairs with "Crimp and Shrink" connections before and after the damage.
Follow the schematics provided and do not solder any wires.
Post your results and images.


  • 2006 Legacy BIU Wagon Ext Lighting.pdf
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  • 2006 Legacy BIU Wagon.pdf
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  • Crimp & Shrink Connections.jpg
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Apologies for the delay in replying to the post. Appreciate the diagrams. Finally got a chance to review them... Do you have a set of diagrams that includes the rear wiper and radio amplifier at the back? I think I've got the lighting correct, but both of those have stopped working.


  • 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i rear wiper.pdf
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  • 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i sound system.pdf
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