World Reveal - 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition

Nice looking machine. I chatted with the sales person that sold me my 2021 Crosstrek Sport two weeks ago and he expects the Wilderness to hit his dealership in August. I’m curious about the flat black film appliqué on the hood of the Wilderness model. I’m aware it’s to reduce glare towards the driver. Was Subaru also considering the the glare against the Eyesight cameras as well? I’ve experienced one, very brief intermittence of functionality of the Eyesight system in my white Crosstrek Sport on a sunny day. As I personalize my Crosstrek, I’m considering having my local 3M Film shop replicate the film on the Wilderness, but in a flat matte grey. Still researching that idea from an esthetic as well as a warranty standpoint.

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