Where can I get a good price on a Subaru Extended warranty?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by GTD, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. GTD

    GTD Guest

    I just signed the papers for a 2004 Subaru Forester. Of course they
    wanted me to buy an extended warranty and I plan to, since I will
    probably keep the car well past the warranty period.

    I will be putting on at least 20k a year so the original waranty will
    last 1 1/2 years.

    Is there any dealership that will give the best price on a SUBARU
    extended warranty.

    I'm not looking for the 3rd party ones loke warranty Gold, etc., I
    want a SUBARU warranty.

    I remember when I bought my 2001 F-150 there was a number of
    dealerships in the USA that other owners pointed me to for my F-150 in
    a Ford newsgroup.

    Anyone have any dealerships that they can point me to?

    I know that the price is negotiable so I want a little bit of
    bargaining power.

    GTD, Jun 26, 2004
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  2. GTD

    Guest Guest

    If you do not trust Subaru, why are you buying one? Just consider the fact
    that extended warranty is always great deal... for dealer.

    I got my car used, made about 40K on it already, and everything I fixed on
    this car was never covered by extended warranty (i.e. brake pads, tires,
    spark plugs, etc.). They never cover wearing parts... Even parts like timing
    belts are not covered unless they are broken.
    Guest, Jun 27, 2004
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  3. GTD

    GTD Guest

    I had a 1992 Ford E-150 Club Wagon van that went through 3 sets of
    ball joints within 50,000 miles. Twice on my extended warranty. The
    extended warranty saved me at least twice what I had paid for it.

    I wish I had one on our Ford Tempo cause I could gotten my tranny
    fixed as well.

    The choice of extended warranty is up to the individual, just the same
    as the choice of Auto make, model, color, etc. I'm asking for the
    best location to buy a Subaru extended warranty. Nothing else.

    BTW, I do not believe that most wear and tear parts; brakes, tires,
    pads, rotors, etc are not covered my even the original warranty. The
    timing belt is a wear and tear part, even though it is internal. The
    mileage that they recommend for changing the belt would be so far out
    of the 3/36,000 original warranty that it could only be covered by
    extended warranty and the exclusion is probably be spelled out in the
    extended warranty anyway.

    I like the security of the ext.warranty.
    GTD, Jun 27, 2004
  4. GTD

    Henry Paul Guest

    How long does extended warranty go for on Subarus I wonder? Dealer timing
    belt replacement is recommended at 105k for the newer cars.
    Henry Paul, Jun 27, 2004
  5. GTD

    Guest Guest

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    Subject: Re: Where can I get a good price on a Subaru Extended warranty?

    Sorry, but if you had your ball joints replaced 3 times during 50,000 miles,
    you should definitely change your mechanic. Does not come to your mind that
    they put cheapest parts because they have no competition?

    Another aspect. When I checked quotas for my Subaru, I had to pay about
    1000-1200$ per year / 12000 miles. Sorry, but I never spend such money on my
    Subaru. And even if I have to spend money on something, I would call a few
    Subaru and non-Subaru shops around to get best price/warranty/parts/etc.
    Guest, Jun 28, 2004
  6. GTD

    Todd H. Guest

    Subaru of Chicopee MA aka subaruwarranty.com destroyed the best
    price my local dealer was willing to do.

    Get the good one with exclusionary coverage and not hte crufty one
    that is little more than a power train warranty.

    Best Regards,
    Todd H., Jun 28, 2004
  7. GTD

    Juhan Leemet Guest

    That's the consensus I've heard around here, too. The extended warrantee
    is a good money maker for whoever underwrites it. Isn't it suspicious that
    other companies besides the manufacturers are ready to write one for you?

    My view is: religiously keep the car "in good shape" while under
    warrantee, making sure to do all the scheduled maintenance, and good
    general maintenance. At the end of the warrantee period MAKE SURE you do
    the last items (like timing belt for my last warrantee service), so that
    if disaster does strike, you might have some legal recourse, and at least
    you have not been negligent. Then budget for a reasonable amount of
    maintenance after warrantee. I'd budget the same (or a little less) than
    the extended warrantee amounts, but you'll cover it all. Just my opinion.

    p.s. LOVE my Subie! It's been running well. I bought the '98, 4 years old.
    Just under 100Km on the clock. A bit of rust, from salt air around here.
    Juhan Leemet, Jun 29, 2004
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