Looking to get back into a Subaru

Jul 31, 2018
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I had a 2001 Forester..it was great till when at 90K miles the head gasket started leaking and that was the end on that...Id always loved the AWD ability and loved the 2001 till the gasket went.. Now I still think they have among if not still the best AWD system but I havent kept up with them since I traded in the Forester back in 2008 or 9...

Now im thinking of getting a slightly used Crosstrek or Forester and my kid also is thinking of getting a slightly more used(2008-12) Subaru to upgrade his first car(a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix...that leaks water now and he needs something better..just got his first job post HS...graduated this year. He wasnt as worried about the model but he cant afford and I wont anything like a Sti or WRX...so something normal in the years listed....

He is closer to getting one than I am....him next 1-5 months ..me sometime next year or year after...

So what models for RELIABILITY sake should he be looking at in that 2008-12 model years???

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