Legacy 3.0 R Spec B Auto Box NOT changing up

Sep 2, 2023
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Hi All,

My 2008 Legacy Est 3.0 R Spec B has recently developed some Auto Gear Box Problems. The box does not now change up in Auto Mode. As 'Paddle Shift' was working I ignored it and carried on driving. All good, but unfortunatly the paddles now only change UP but not Down. I am still driving as on reaching a stop junction the box automatically changes back down to 1st. The car, in 3rd or 4th is powerful enough to pull away from other junctions. For info the ATF has been changed in last 18 months (but not gear box filter) and the level is still good (engine running). Although I am still on the move, I am worried. Can you help. Thanks Nots
Problem of Auto not moving out of first gear persists: I have changed AT Control Unit fuses (just in case) and a vehicle reset by disconnecting the battery. Gear selectors are smooth and as mentioned ATF is fairly new and correct level. I guess it is not the Torque Convertor as the box changes up in Paddle Shift and down with engine management system when slowing/stopping at junctions. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks Nots

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