ISO!! Spark plug tube seals

Discussion in 'Subaru Parts For Sale / Trade' started by Sha Sha, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Sha Sha

    Sha Sha

    Aug 24, 2020
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    Hello everyone & thank you tons in advance for the assistance y'all are about to bless me with!
    Also I ask that you forgive for my errs coz this is my very first forum & I will try not to mess up but I'm sure its inevitable. BUT in a nut shell - I have been looking for spark plug tube seals - which seems to be included with all the other valve cover gasket sets. I can't even buy them separately. Does anyone want to part with their tube seals ? I just bought this 98 Legacy Brighton 2.2. I know it needs love and I have plenty to give it but I'm at a standstill & its stuck on jack stands for the past 2 days- UG! if these tube seals are actually discontinued across the board - then I need a better remedy for the oil getting up into the spark plugs. Sorry to be so long winded & actually this is the clip notes - lol
    Sha Sha, Aug 24, 2020
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