Crossbars/Bike Carriers Seeking Partial Parts

Jun 21, 2021
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I've got a 21 Impreza Hatchback that used to have a fixed Thule Roof Rack and two Thule Bike carriers on top; I'm looking for the two front mount points on the rack itself and the two rear mount point for the bike carriers. A car wash ripped the rack off and the two plastic mounts from the rack snapped at the time, and the bolts for the mounting brackets were wrenched into submission as the apparatus leveraged on my roof. I'm assuming If I need too I can go to the hardware store for the rear assemblage and find comparables, but the plastic front mounts on the rack are definitely destroyed and need to be replaced entirely. I've tried Thule; they do not sell parts for Subaru branded items, and Subaru only sells the full sets. Ebay motors does not seem to have anything beside the rack kit that I can find. I'd love it if I could just pay for the 4 mount points I needed rather than replacing everything, but I can't find anywhere that has that type of option.

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