WRX(02-04) STI P0420 Mechanical Fix for CEL MIL , All test will go to "ready" state

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by Kent VanOoyen, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. If anyone is interested in the mechanical CEL fix for WRX or STI, I will
    build you one, include instructions, zip tie, and a dab of anti-sieze and
    ship it fo $18.00. This fix allows the O2 sensor to work properly if you do
    not have a cat between the turbo and the midpipe. This fix WILL allow all
    ECU tests to go into "ready" status and you will not get the p0420 code
    again because the O2 sensor will be out of the direct stream of exhaust
    gases so the exhaust gases will always be a different temp and will not
    throw the p0420. The electrical fix may not allow all tests to go into
    "ready" status. This fix is intended for off use only (just like the
    mechanical fix) because you should not tamper with emmisions if your state
    requires you to pass an emissions test. I will accept paypal. Please send me
    an email. or reply.
    Will ship the next day!
    Kent VanOoyen, Jul 20, 2004
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  2. Kent VanOoyen

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Jul 20, 2004
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  3. Kent VanOoyen

    CompUser Guest

    $18 is pretty steep for a 1-meg resistor and
    (presumably) some heat-shrink tubing ;-)

    You can find it on www.nasioc.com forums as well,
    just make sure the fix fits the MY...04 uses 1
    meg, previous use a different value (plus a cap,
    CompUser, Jul 22, 2004
  4. Kent VanOoyen

    CompUser Guest

    Ooops...my bad!

    He's talking the *mechanical* fix...not the
    electronic fix...that's just one or two of the
    spark plug non-foulers...yeah, they might run for
    a couple of bucks at Autozone or Discount. He
    can probably pick up ten or so for eighteen
    bucks...not a bad profit.
    CompUser, Jul 22, 2004
  5. I am not selling the electric fix guys. I am selling a mechanical fix, an o2
    sensor extender along with some anti-sieze. Hello?

    Besides whiles the electric fix is good so the code does not come back it
    does prevent one of the diag tests to go to the "ready" state. Some states
    won't let you pass inspection like that.

    Anyway, I was not asking for coments I was just letting people know if you
    are interested to let me know.
    Kent VanOoyen, Jul 22, 2004
  6. Kent VanOoyen

    CompUser Guest

    Roger that! You are 100% correct, your heading
    did state "mechanical CEL fix", which, in fact,
    is a perfect search to use on the NASIOC forums,
    where use of the two-dollar spark plug non-
    foulers has been discussed in great detail for a
    year or so.

    You were talking about this fix, right?


    So, please accept my apology for confusing your
    charging $18 for a two dollar, commonly available
    mechanical "fix", with a gouging overcharge for
    an electronic CEL fix.

    We realize you weren't asking for comments (you
    were just out to rip people off, right?), but
    some of us don't like to see that kind of thing
    go on.
    CompUser, Jul 22, 2004
  7. Kent VanOoyen

    Henry Paul Guest

    There are 2 counties in my state that will not pass inspection for the
    reason you stated.
    Henry Paul, Jul 22, 2004
  8. Kent VanOoyen

    Henry Paul Guest

    Hey ease up a little. It's no different than Jiffy Lube charging $20 to
    change transmission oil or $35 for engine oil.
    Henry Paul, Jul 22, 2004
  9. Ok I'm going to say this once because I don't see what the point is of
    keeping this going unless you have nothing else better to do. I will say
    exactly how much I paid for everything and that way people will know that I
    am charging more for this than what they can build it themselves for. But
    before I do that, isn't that the point of making something and selling
    it...because you can make a big profit. I'm not a rocket scientist or
    anything but HAHA I know that fireworks are about a 400% profit for the
    manufacturer. Or what about someone who installs custom blinds, that's
    about a 200% profit and they charge about $15 per window to install them.
    The point is $18 might be a "good deal" for someone who either can't get to
    an auto parts store, doesn't have a drill that can take a 1/2 inch bit,
    doesn't have the money to buy a drill that can take a 1/2 bit, or know
    someone who has one or whatever the case may be.

    Listen up smartie, you know who you are, I did not open this thread for
    people like you to rag on me, that's pointless and a waste of time to you.
    I made this thread for people who are having the same problem that I had
    with the p0420 and want to get their car fixed because the headache and
    upsetness that comes with a check engine light, not being able to pass
    inspection may be worth $18 bucks to them.

    Here is the run down on costs (I have 5 available for shipping now so I will
    total and then divide):

    Gasoline to get to the autoparts store. I have no idea how much this costs.
    Parts $5.95 x 5 = $29.75 + tax
    Zip ties $3.99 + tax for about 30 of them. So lets say about $.70 for 5 of
    Anti-sieze $7.00 + tax
    Small plastic bags $3 + tax
    2-3 Priority Day Shipping (includded in the price) $4 x 5 = $20
    Total = $63.28
    $18 x 5 = $90
    $90 - $63.28 = $26.72
    $26.72 / 5 = $5.34 profit per item I sell.

    Not to mention my time of going to the auto parts store and back, drilling
    them out, putting everything together, going to the post office and back.
    Also, after dilling out 5 pieces, now I need to buy a new drill bit.

    Just trying to be honest! If you want this fix to get rid of this problem
    if you have it, let me know. If you think that $5.34 profit is too much
    then don't buy it.

    There you have it folks!
    Kent VanOoyen, Jul 22, 2004
  10. Kent VanOoyen

    Jim Stewart Guest

    I got a bitch. You're not charging nearly enough.
    3x your cost minimum + enough shipping and handling
    to pay for your finished product shipping AND your
    incoming raw parts shipping (that you have to pay for)

    Seriously, if you enjoy what you do, do it. Don't
    worry about the whiners. Nobody's holding a gun
    to their heads forcing them to buy your product.
    Jim Stewart, Jul 22, 2004
  11. Kent VanOoyen

    Henry Paul Guest

    I agree with you. Not to mention the time and hassle of figuring out the
    solution to the problem in the first place and then going to the trouble of
    making a nice package of all the parts easy to install.

    I'm sure a dealer would be 10x that much for about the same solution if they
    even offer one.
    Henry Paul, Jul 23, 2004
  12. Kent VanOoyen

    CompUser Guest

    Here's my contention.

    The mod's been out for ages, on NASIOC, ClubWRX
    and other Subaru forums.

    These forums are places that folks gather to ask
    questions and supply answers, all in the spirit
    of community.

    The forums are basically just an evolution of
    Usenet and newsgroups, with a graphic interface
    and added functionality.

    The spirit of community and HELPING others with
    common interests was the foundation of Usenet, as

    Nobody in a forum, or Usenet, would respond "I
    know the answer to your question on how to get to
    your sparkplugs to change them. Paypal me $10
    and I'll tell you." That's not what its about.

    All this guy has done was take some information
    that was publicly discussed in multiple public
    forums, then slide over here and try to SELL what
    others had tried, tested, and spoke out freely
    on, in the spirit of community.

    Flames are a traditional element of Usenet as
    well, and he earned some from me. I got some
    from someone else, that's the price of voicing
    your opinion.

    CompUser, Jul 23, 2004

    Look man, stop wasting your time. Read this!


    See, I don't care....I'm simply making and selling these to people who don't
    want to take the time to get everything, drill it out, etc...

    Try to get a straight 1/2 hole with out a drill press, you got one of those?

    Spare me please, stop writing in this thread you are not welcome here.

    I have told everyone where you can get the info to make one of these fixes
    and told them exactly how much it costs....what else do you want me to say
    so you will stop wasting everyones time in here whining.

    Does anyone want to hear this guy anymore? Post a reply if you don't and
    explain why you don't!

    Kent VanOoyen, Jul 23, 2004
  14. Kent VanOoyen

    Henry Paul Guest


    He is NOT offering information only. He is offering the complete solution,
    together with installation instructions to those interested in buying the
    parts he has put together. Considering the labor of preparing the fix, the
    $5 and something he makes is a DEAL.

    Maybe you should spend less time flaming and more time reading so you can
    understand what the rest of us are discussing. And if you were a real man,
    you would apologize to him.
    Henry Paul, Jul 23, 2004
  15. Kent VanOoyen

    CompUser Guest

    No likee, no clickee.

    Welcome to Usenet, n00b.
    CompUser, Jul 23, 2004
  16. Kent VanOoyen

    Kent Guest

    Thanks Henry Paul!

    Kent, Jul 24, 2004
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