Windows that you can't seem to close.

Jul 9, 2024
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I have a 2019 Subaru Outback. We all know that there all kinds of kinky things that go on in Subaru's. If you disconnect the battery, you have to go through a rigid routine to "Teach" the windows to go up and down.
Well, now I have a Passenger Side window that when you go to close it (from either the driver's side or the Passenger side, it will go up, but as soon as it gets to the top it will reverse and go down to half mast. This is what would happen it a finger were in the way, instead of crushing it, the window reverses. Well, the dealer said that there must be some gradoo that is standing in for a finger. You can still get the window up in the end by taking baby steps all the way to the top and it will not reverse. So armed with this idea from the dealer that something is in the track of the window that is causing it to reverse. I vigorously ran a tooth brush all along the groove in the door that the window follows. Found nothing, Got a powerful flash light and could find nothing.
I am guessing that something in some little computer doo-dad that has gotten it all wrong and is causing it to do this. Any ideas guys?????

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