Which to Sell? 95 or 91

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Chip Gallo, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Chip Gallo

    Chip Gallo Guest

    I have a 95 Legacy LSi wagon with around 190K miles on it. Runs ok. ABS is
    starting to act up and it has been repaired from deer strikes several times.
    The other car is a '91 Legacy sedan with 180K miles. It too runs fine. The
    question is, since we bought a new(er) 02 wagon which older car to sell.

    My thought is that the 95 will cost more to maintain, because it has things
    like air bags and more options. But the '91 is by definition older and might
    cost more to repair. I like the '91's handling in snow and ice better than
    the wagon. Keeping all three is not an option unless we store one and take
    it off the insurance.

    We live in the mountains of WV USA and as you may know, the Subaru is the
    State Car.


    Chip Gallo
    Chip Gallo, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Chip Gallo

    tonyrama Guest

    Well, I had a '90 Legacy, and I have a '95 Legacy, and the '90 was a nicer
    car. Had a better interior, better seats, was even faster and accelerated
    better. Lack of AWD might have done this, though as they had the same
    engine. Given those options, though, I'd base my decision on condition,
    mostly which had more body rust.
    "95 Outback
    tonyrama, Jun 4, 2004
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  3. Hi,

    That's a difficult choice, but were it mine, I'd try to balance how I
    feel about actually driving and maintaining the car vs projected costs.
    For example, I prefer being able to run my '90 as a 2wd car and only
    switch on 4wd when necessary. And the older the car, often the easier it
    is to work on.

    OTOH, my insurance lady likes airbags and such, and my '92 Totota that
    has 'em costs less to insure (basic covearge part) than my Subie that
    doesn't cuz she says it's "safer." Does that apply to your cars? What
    about fuel costs, regular maintenance costs? If you can do some or most
    of your own work, those would probably favor the older car. If not, I'd
    guess the more complex nature of the newer car adds to costs at the
    dealer. I can do most of the work on my Subie, not as much on the Toy.
    So if it's like taking a trip to the Toyota dealer, that could offset
    the insurance savings in a single trip.

    Another thing to look at is parts availability. I don't find a lot of
    aftermarket parts for my '90 that I consider to work as well as OEM, so
    it's off to the dealer, where I frequently have to special order them
    (my dealer parts guy calls my car an "antique.") Then wait. And wait.
    And wait some more. Parts may be easier to find as the cars get newer
    and Subaru sold more units/yr.

    In the end, it may just be a coin toss. Keep the one you like driving

    Rick Courtright, Jun 6, 2004
  4. Chip Gallo

    Chip Gallo Guest

    Thanks, Rick. I have a mechanic (former Subaru dealer trained) who does the
    maintenance on all my cars. I prefer the 91 for ice and snow, and the 95 for
    regular highway. The front end of the 91 is starting to make noises like it
    needs axle work.

    Overall the 95 is a better ride. For some reason I just don't like it as
    much. But logic says it should be the keeper of the two. It is very nice to
    have the low mileage 02 as the main car.

    Chip Gallo, Jun 6, 2004
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