Where can i locate the serial number on the transmission on a Subaru?

Discussion in 'Subaru Parts For Sale / Trade' started by ozdawg, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. ozdawg


    Mar 13, 2019
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    Before you say VIN. The engine and transmission have been replaced. and all is well EXCEPT, the Transmission Control Module, (TCM) seems to be bad. I am told by the dealer that I need to get a replacement TCM for that specific year and model the engine and transmission were pulled from (apparently not a 06 Tribeca B9).
    To determine this I need to find the serial number from the transmission itself.
    It seems this type of engine and transmission was compatible with a variety of Subaru vehicles.
    THe salvage yard I got the engine and transmission are not sure which particular vehicle it was pulled from.
    So, serial number hunting I go. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    ozdawg, Mar 13, 2019
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