What are these bolts?

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by akeene, Aug 7, 2022.

  1. akeene


    Aug 7, 2022
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    Does anybody know what these bolts go to? 2009 legacy n/a. Just had a head gasket job completed and the goon mechanic that performed the work ruined my ac system by not vacuuming the system down and gently removing the compressor. He decided just to unbolt the compressor and move it out of the way. Long story short something came loose in the system and screw it up. New compressor and several other parts later it’s still not ultra cold like it was but it is what it is now. Not only did he screw up the ac he left me a little surprise under the driver side floor mat. These bolts and what looks like some sort of panel clip. Does anyone know what these could be to? I had a laundry list of things replaced on the car. Cabin filter head gaskets steering knuckle and struts exhaust leak lug studs…. The place that fixed the ac for me said they weren’t sure what the bolts went to. Maybe a heat shield or some sort of bracket. Any help is appreciated!!

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    akeene, Aug 7, 2022
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