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Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by Howiek1227, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Howiek1227


    Nov 19, 2021
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    Hello All, I'm new to the forum. Not a new Subaru owner thought.
    I have a 2017 Impreza Premium Hatch. About a month ago someone backed into me as I was driving thru a parking lot. I took the car to an certified Subaru collision place.
    Basically the whole passenger side was damaged. The front passenger door would not open. I was thinking the B-pillar was damaged beyond repair. But, that is not the case. The car has about $8500 in damage. I was told the car would be fixed by Nov 23rd. Today I hear the 2 doors are on backorder. Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing backorder on parts? The body shop tells me that they do not even have an idea on how long it will take to get the doors.
    Everything is being taken care of by the other guys insurance.

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    Howiek1227, Nov 19, 2021
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  2. Howiek1227


    Aug 27, 2019
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    North Carolina
    This is a world wide problem happening because of supply line cuts now part of the covid domino affect from all the shutdowns and restrictions the world has dealt with for the past year or so.
    remy6908, Nov 20, 2021
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