Very odd knock from suspension?

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by WReXguy, Aug 9, 2022.

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    Aug 9, 2022
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    I've just about given up with the NASIOC because its just too much to navigate and I cannot post a new thread there because I "already posted something that 3 people have responded to" but I have no idea where they responded to me cause it says I have 0 messages and 0 responses. So anyway I need to know if someone can help with a knock I've been having for way too long or if someone can link me a good thread for this question. I have a 2011 wrx and the knock only occurs when I'm driving forward, accelerating or coasting doesn't matter of the 3, if there's rough spots in the road it sounds like my ball joint or sway link is knocking. I've replaced both of them though, as well as the wheel bearing and brake calipers because it will stop knocking when I brake or go in reverse. With the window rolled down near a building it sounds like there's a loose nut about to rattle off. But sounds nothing like that inside windows up. Doesn't matter if the wheel goes up or down it sounds like a racket over stones. No affect to steering and handling that I can see. The strut bearing looks brand new, I'm guessing engine mounts or the strut itself but I feel like I would notice an engine mount more. Though it likes to shutter when it's cold and I set off from a dead stop so maybe but it doesn't make that sound unless I hit rough surfaces and why would it sound so different outside the car. springs are fine I think and the strut still works but I'm about to go insane if I leave the radio off and I don't like always driving with it on but I cannot stand it. Shop wants 179 to look at it, it's not control arm related either. Replaced them with STI control arms and made no difference. Starting to wonder if my cv axle might be worn, it is worse when the car is cold/sat over night and I first drive it. Once it's been driven for about 15-20 minutes it's a lot quieter. I work on my own cars but this has me at a loss, I could throw the good ole parts cannon at it but Im getting into more expensive parts here that may or may not change anything.
    WReXguy, Aug 9, 2022
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