Update on 'Antifreeze Leak anyone?' and new tid bits... 2nd Oxygen Sensors replaced

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Joaquin Rosario, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Update:

    The antifreeze leak on the car was originating from the front right engine
    gasket. Fortunately, the repair was accepted as a warranty repair since my
    2000 Legacy GT Sedan had only 53,000 miles on it. At first the guys at Don
    Beyer (Alexandria, VA) told me that they couldn't find the leak, I was
    outraged and told them that I was going to conference them in with the
    mechanic that found the leak and issued the mechanic diagnostic report.

    Then they told me: "Sorry Mr. Rosario, we were looking at the wrong car"
    so they inspected the car and agreed that the car had a leak and serviced it
    as a warranty repair.

    The car is driving fine, but the Oxygen Sensor triggered the infamous "check
    engine light" 1 days after I took it from the dealership. The dealership
    replace the oxygen sensor--FOR THE RECORD--this is the second time that they
    replaced the oxygen sensor, we changed it 2 years ago because of a recall
    notice. Again the sensor was replaced as a warranty repair item (they noted
    that the timing of the oxygen sensor going bad and the repair was

    I have been driving the car for about one week since the oxygen sensor was
    replaced and everything is back to normal.

    My question to group is... Has anyone replaced their Oxygen Sensor more than


    Joaquin Rosario
    Joaquin Rosario, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. Joaquin Rosario

    TG Guest

    Just a thought...many times a perfectly good O2 sensor is replaced without
    being proven bad. There is not a trouble code that tells you that you have a
    bad oxygen sensor.
    Another common mistake: I have seen a lot of "Techs" replace the CAT when
    the "poor catalyst efficiency" code comes up (why not, the Federal warranty
    covers it?) when a couple of cheap gaskets to seal the exhaust system was
    all that was really needed...common on Subarus. TG
    TG, Oct 11, 2003
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  3. Joaquin Rosario

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Do you think techs in general care? They just want to work easy.
    Just like today's MDs, they depend too much on diag code.
    This is an example. I had front sturts replaced on a car. then
    rear wind shield wiper lost washer fluid spray. Careful investigation
    revealed, the guy who replaced the struts pinched hose while installing
    the strut. Small but this kind of things cause lots of headache and lead
    to bigger problem. I am sure, if I took the car back to dealer, they
    would blame washer pump, broken hose, etc., etc. and who knows how long
    it'd take to find the real problem.
    Another example, when I had my radio replaced by Honda dealer, a/c
    started acting up. Multiple visits to dealer shop did not solve the
    problem. When I took
    apart dash, they disturbed wiring harness to the a/c control panel while
    working on radio. Many times, they create another problem fixing a problem.
    I very seldom go to a dealer shop unless it is absolutely necessary.
    How many people took the car in for regular routine maintenance and they
    gave you the car back with something wrong?
    I thought quality is doing something first time right. There is hardly
    any quality anywhere these days.
    Tony Hwang, Oct 11, 2003
  4. Joaquin Rosario

    TG Guest

    That's why I do 90% of my own work. Subarus are so simple and OBD II works
    so well! I do have a great Subaru tech who used to be at the dealership but
    now ownes the biggest fanciest independent garage in town. I use him when
    the job is beyond me due to special tools or some other reason (I hate to
    get dirty). TG
    TG, Oct 12, 2003
  5. Joaquin Rosario

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Same here. ex-Subaru tech operates his own garage. No BS straight
    talking guy always trustwhorthy.
    Just bought an air compressor with air tools for my shop.
    Early X-mas gift to myself. How nice to use that impact wrench.
    Tony Hwang, Oct 12, 2003
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