UK Forester Turbo Timing Belt

Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by MH, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. MH

    MH Guest

    Hello everybody,

    My local Subaru main dealer is recommending changing the
    timing belt on my Forester S Turbo at the 45000 mile service.
    However, the owner's manual says 60000 miles.

    Anybody have an opinion on this? Is the dealer trying
    to make some extra cash out of me, or is 45000 miles really
    the recommended change interval for cam belts?


    MH, Sep 4, 2003
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  2. MH

    Edward Hayes Guest

    Go for 59,000 miles on the belt as that gives you some cushion with the
    60,000 mile warranty. Most Subies I know of go many many more thousands of
    miles past the 60,000 without trouble. The 60,000 interval have a very good
    safety factor built in. eddie
    Edward Hayes, Sep 4, 2003
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  3. Manufacturers recommendation for my wife's '98 Forester states 60,000mls OR
    4 years for replacement - yours may be at or near the 'age' limit despite
    lower miles. Not worth the risk if that is the case (IMHO!)

    Regards Greg
    Gregory Anderson, Sep 6, 2003
  4. MH

    MH Guest

    Hello all

    Thanks for the replies to my post about cam belt replacement
    on the Forester Turbo. In answer to some of the comments -
    the warranty does not apply to my car (it was a "grey" import
    carrying a 12-month warranty only), and the car is exactly 3
    years old so the 4-year replacement rule also does not apply.

    I raised the issue again with the Subaru dealer when I took the car
    in for service on Friday, and it seems that the confusion may be
    due to:

    a) Impreza turbo models do specify a 45000 mile belt replacement,
    and therefore some garages also apply this rule (wrongly?) to the
    Forester turbo.

    b) Apparently the service interval has changed from 7500/15000
    miles on the 2000 and earlier cars to a 10000 mile interval on 2001
    and later models, where a 50000 mile cam belt replacement is
    recommended (can anybody confirm this, by the way?).

    Anyway, I declined to have the cam belt changed by the dealer this
    time - I'll have it done at the next service. Here's hoping I have made
    a wise choice....

    MH, Sep 6, 2003
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