Trying to find Lost Key -- RFID detector?

Aug 14, 2020
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I have a 2018 Legacy with push-button start, so it has the (really expensive) fob that works via proximity.

We lost one of the keys, but we're pretty confident it's SOMEWHERE in the house (maybe stuck in the recesses of a couch?), and it occurred to me:

These keys are proximity based, which means they must emit a signal of some kind. Maybe RFID? Does anyone know how these keys communicate to the car? Or, more importantly, how to detect it? I've seen videos online of crooks "stealing" Tesla keys by walking around a house with some sort of detector, and I'm hoping a similar method could work to locate my real key.

Do any of you have any clever ideas on how I could pull this off? Make some sort of dousing rod to locate my keys? I'm thinking some rando raspberry pi detector or some junk--i really don't care. I'd just prefer not spend $300 on a replacement key, if I could help it!

Thanks and best to you all!

I bet, I wouldnt either.
Could bring the car in and see if it would work.. Still wouldnt find the fob..

Some expert must know the answer. Ask at the dealership and maybe you could borrow such a device, if such exhists.

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