Tribeca vs Lexus rx350

Discussion in 'Subaru Tribeca' started by RPR, May 14, 2006.

  1. RPR

    RPR Guest

    Anyone have opinion of the above? There is a significant price difference
    is it worth it?
    RPR, May 14, 2006
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  2. RPR

    Sheldon Guest

    Isn't this a bit like asking: Ferrari vs. Miata. There's a significant
    price difference. Is it worth it?

    Drive them both and I think you'll figure it out.
    Sheldon, May 15, 2006
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  3. RPR

    Body Roll Guest

    $37,600 for an awd RX350 stripper vs $31,000 for a 7 seater Tribeca
    Why is this an invalid question? You're not implying that the Lexus
    truck has any Ferrariesque qualities to it? Btw the Miata weighs under
    2500 pounds. Good luck chasing one in a proper set of shoes in Ferrari
    trucks thru the mountains.
    Body Roll, May 15, 2006
  4. RPR

    Fuzzy Logic Guest

    Worth is highly subjective. Your requirements are likely very different then the next person so why don't you
    look at them both and decide for yourself?
    Fuzzy Logic, May 15, 2006
  5. RPR

    Sheldon Guest

    Well, it was never my intention to be a smart ass, and the poster definitely
    has to drive both and take a hard look at his wallet before making a
    decision. Some of my friends have driven Tribeca's and didn't like them for
    a variety of reasons. I've driven the Lexus and loved the car, although I
    must say I have not driven the Subi (I have an Outback).

    As to the second part of your post, you'd have to do a hell of a lot to that
    Miata to keep up with a Ferrari. I live in the mountains. A lot of people
    own Ferrari's here and love to drive fast through the mountains. We even
    have an Enzo in town. The problem is when they step on the gas to pass
    someone they barely need the length of the car they are passing to get
    around, and they don't slow down much around the curves. I also have a
    Porsche, and have tried to keep up with these guys. Modified suspension and
    great tires will only get you so far. I'd have to throw a turbo in there to
    keep up, and as the speed goes up they still have more reserve than I would.

    Anyway, trust me. Anybody who can afford the Lexus and buys the Subi can't
    afford the Lexus. They are like apples and oranges (IMHO).
    Sheldon, May 16, 2006
  6. RPR

    Body Roll Guest

    911 Carrera? P235/40ZR18 Fr & P265/40ZR18 Rr
    or P235/35ZR19 Fr & P295/30ZR19 Rr ?

    What do you wear? PS2? Upgraded to Advan Neovas in all 4 corners?
    R compound of some sorts?

    Those people slam on the gas going downhill on a heavily twisted road?
    Those guys must have got BALLs. I guess the Ferrari drivers around here
    busy driving blondes and the would be damsels in distress to watch
    and don't concern themselves with the lowly sport of kicking ass or
    drivers in lesser vehicles. Either that or they are those girly men our
    fearless leader been talking about.

    I swear I recently saw a gentleman driving a Ferrari convertible doing
    about 25 in a 55 mph zone. Not sure if he was looking for female
    companionship or
    was just afraid to scratch the thing.
    Body Roll, May 16, 2006
  7. RPR

    Sheldon Guest

    Having followed these guys there seems to be a fine line between having
    balls and being nuts. :)

    Anyway, these cars were meant to be driven hard and fast, but they do come
    in handy for trolling.

    I use Dunlop 8000's. Great in the dry or wet, good price, and I took a
    second place on the track (in my class) with these tires. I love em. Only
    problem is they really suck in the snow. I have a 911 SC. Not as much
    oomph as the bigger engines, but a very well balanced machine with a great
    sport suspension that is a nice cross between the track and the street. One
    of the tech inspectors tried to push down on the car to check the shocks,
    and when it wouldn't budge he gave me a pretty nasty look but passed me as
    stock anyway. It's a fun car, regardless of how much it costs to maintain.
    :-( I'm always cursing on the way to the shop but rejoicing on the way
    home. Actually, it's been quite reliable. It's just that it's 26 years
    Sheldon, May 16, 2006
  8. RPR

    Body Roll Guest

    Dunlop 8000 are ultra high performace summer tires. To be blunt:
    garbage. I won't put them on my Protege, let alone on a high
    performance car like yours. I don't think you're using half of what
    your 911 can deliver with the proper set of shoes. Though, to be fair,
    I should add that max perf summers cost a fortune in your size. Heck,
    they are not cheap in 205 55 R 16 size either, but it's not as bad as
    for 17", 18" and 19".

    But, honestly, I think you'd be better off with cheap max perf Koreans
    like Ecsta MX or
    Hankook R-S2. They'd probably run about what you're paying for 8000s
    but provide way
    more traction. At least on dry. Not as much as Advans but I dare not to
    think how much
    Advan Neova cost in 911 sizes.

    You were joking about snow, right?
    Body Roll, May 16, 2006
  9. RPR

    Sheldon Guest

    I agree with you, but the Dunlops were a good price to performance. One
    dealer even told me he'd put them on and if I didn't like them he'd take
    them back for a full refund or trade. The snow line was a bit tongue in
    cheek, but it snows here a lot and you do get caught, and they do suck in
    the snow. (I don't drive the car in the winter, but it would be tempting to
    see what it would be like with decent winter tires on it. I just don't want
    the gravel they spread on the streets to eat away at the paint.)
    Sheldon, May 16, 2006
    Carl 1 Lucky Texan, May 16, 2006
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