Trailer hitch and wiring harness "how to".

Nov 20, 2022
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On a personal vehicle, a Curt trailer hitch was attempted to be installed.
The incorrect version arrived, the listing was also incorrect.
In the shop, we can adapt the correct mountings to fit it to the frame.
It was too much work to finish it with a replacement hitch and decided on a modification.
Read and purchase the correct hitch assembly to the fit the model year.

The fitting was accomplished with heavy metal, grooved and MIG welded (multiple passes) on both sides.
If the installer does not know how to lay down a "penetration pass" then get the correct hitch.
The installation also included the correct wiring adapter for North American trailers and lighting.
Read all the included documents as an aid to also match the wiring harness to other models.


  • 2009 Tribeca Trailer Hitch and Harness Installation.pdf
    564.2 KB · Views: 5
  • Instructions 55370.pdf
    902.4 KB · Views: 3
  • Trailer Hitch Components for 2009 Subaru Tribeca All Wheel Drivel.pdf
    326.1 KB · Views: 3
  • Wrong listing wrong hitch and did not fit my model.pdf
    644.6 KB · Views: 4
  • Trailer Harness Locations.pdf
    777 KB · Views: 5


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