tr690 engages but won't move

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by tealrabbit23, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. tealrabbit23


    Feb 27, 2021
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    2011 Subaru legacy 2.5i premium. The transmission cooler inside the radiator failed. All the warning lights came on including the AT OIL TEMP light. I cleaned the transmission out and refilled it with approx 11 quarts of stp cvt transmission fluid. let it get up to temp and drained the excess. Now the warning lights are off. The transmission seems to engage (surges, makes noise), but the car won't move. I won't get into it, but I'm on my own and there's no money for a mechanic. If anyone has advice I would very much appreciate it.
    tealrabbit23, Feb 27, 2021
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