Subaru owners, GET THE PAPER WORK !!!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Greg Herman, Jan 2, 2020.

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    Greg Herman

    Nov 11, 2019
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    I purchased a new outback in 2017, had almost every option you can get. I planed on keeping the car for many years. Had RAB and other electrical problems in just a few months. Took it to the dealer three times in the FIRST year. Dealer only deleted all the info on the computer, deleted the history, did NOTHING to fix the car. So, when the problems got much worse,(full shutdown of engine) I had no paperwork to prove this was a on going problem. I had the car in no less than TEN times for repair. The dealer I bought the car from did nothing to fix the car, only continued to delete the history ( destroy the evidence ) then claim they could not replicate the problem. But the next time I drove the car, yep, same problems RAB then ALL the lights go on, engine shuts down to safety mode. Finally had the car shutdown further from home, had the car towed 85 miles to the closest dealer, in Bay City Michigan. This dealer was very concerned, and did try to fix the issue, they did not just blow me off, very nice people. But the problems continued. I even talked to the district service manager in person. He himself said the car is a Lemon, and Subaru must buy it back. In short, Subaru turned their back on me. They refused to follow the lemon law, why? Because the dealer I purchased the car from did not provide the paperwork to prove this was a ongoing unresolved problem. Two points I wish to make. 1. GET the paperwork each and every time you take you car in. DO not take any excuses from the service person. No matter how small the issue it, like mine, it can get worse. 2. Subaru is not a creditable company. They knew I had problems with the car from the beginning, they could not fix the car. My last 2 visits I was told they don't know how to fix the car and refused to even try. Last but not least. I ended up trading my car in, still under warrantee , still not fixed. I lost over $14,000.- because of the dealer did not supply paper work, and because Subaru does not stand behind its product. Contrary to your TV adds, my Subaru was not made with Love, and I was treated like crap.
    Greg Herman, Jan 2, 2020
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