STi for everyday use???

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Philip Procter, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. OK, I've read the reviews and the tests, everyone of them says thatthe
    STi is a street legal race car. That sounds really good, but:

    How bad is it for everyday use on the street?

    In direct comparison with the 2005 WRX, the 2005 STi is definitely
    firmer, but it doesn't seem punishing. The steering does not seem
    hyper-nervous quick nor is it noisy.

    What do people who own one and use it daily think?

    Why do the mags say that it is 'not really practical as an everyday
    car'? They laud the Mitsu evo, then say the STi is a bit easier to
    live with and then conclude that I'd be better off with a WRX.

    Hell, if I follow that logic, I'd be happiest with a 1972 Cadillac
    Coupe DeVille!

    What's good or bad about the STi for daily use in the snow belt?


    Philip Procter, Jun 28, 2004
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  2. Phil
    I've owned one for nearly two years now. It's my only car and I use it for
    apx 18,000 miles per annum.

    Yes it may be a bit hard, but in my opinion, it's totally practical as an
    every day car. I have a family, and they dont't complain (well not too

    I live in the UK, so don't have experience of your 'snow belt' but I am sure
    that the back roads/lanes where I live are in worse condition than the roads
    in the USA - some English roads are like they come from the third world.

    The STi is the only car that I have ever owned in thirty years of driving
    where having owned the car for over a year, I don't wish I was driving
    something else - I just can't see anything that I would wish to change it

    Malcolm Clark
    Malcolm Clark, Jun 28, 2004
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  3. Philip Procter

    BlueSTi Guest

    The STi a fine daily driver. You do give up a few creature comforts.
    If I had any complaints it would be that the interior is a little
    noisy. After a little while you get used to the stiffer ride. It's
    no Cadillac, that's for sure! But, it doesn't handle and excellerate
    like a Cadillac either. In my case the STi is WAY over kill for my
    daily needs. On a daily basis I never come close to tapping it full
    potential. Just knowing all the power is there if you want to use it
    is a great feeling. I think it's more of an ego thing than anything
    Nice thing about the STi as a daily driver is you get a lot of HP for
    the gas mileage. Stay out of the Turbo and you can easily get 24 MPG.
    Another nice thing about the STi is that no one even attempts to race
    you. You just get a smile and a wave and a sort of "Wow" look from
    folks. And the ricers just drive on by. The STi is a show-off car.
    It always gets attention. One look at the big 'ol spoiler on the back
    says it all.

    I live in very deep snow country and the AWD system is great. Just
    remember with 300 hp under the hood, it doesn't take much to get the
    wheels spinning and you end up going around in circles. The first
    thing you want to do is replace the factory tires if you plan on
    driving in the snow. The stock tires are worthless in the snow.
    Great for racing, very bad for snow.

    The STi and the Std WRX are not even the same car in my opinion. They
    are nothing a like. I've driven both and STi is a true sports car.
    For the money it was a no-brainer, the STi is a much better deal.

    Now with all this said, I would have to say a old Geo metro would meet
    my daily driving needs and get me better gas mileage to boot! I could
    have bought a Geo on the interest I will pay on the STi. But, driving
    isn't always about what's practical. Nobody "needs" a sports car, but
    it sure is fun to own one!

    BlueSTi, Jun 28, 2004
  4. Philip Procter

    John Guest

    "And the ricers just drive on by"

    What's wrong with this statement?
    John, Jun 28, 2004
  5. Philip Procter

    CompUser Guest

    Nothing at all...actually, it suggests the ricers
    in his area have a modicum of intelligence. 8^)
    CompUser, Jun 28, 2004
  6. Probably nothing? Reminds me of an acquaintence who used to take his
    Ferrari out on weekends and drive it 65 mph in the right lane on SoCal
    freeways. All the ricers passed him, politely. When you're obviously the
    big dog... well, 'nuff said!

    Rick Courtright, Jun 28, 2004
  7. I've logged 10k miles since I got mine in Feb, and it's been a fine daily
    driver. Depending on what you're used to or expecting, it's either a nice
    relief or it can be jarring and noisy. It's a far more practical daily
    driver than most sporty cars. I'm glad I finally have a car with 4 doors
    and a real back seat. Makes things much more pleasant :)
    Patrick Fisher, Jun 29, 2004
  8. Philip Procter

    2 Stroke Guest

    Nothing wrong with it at all. In my slightly modified WRX wagon, MOST
    of the ricers drive by, but some want to race, or seem to. It's
    better when ALL the ricers drive on by. Yet another reason to bug SOA
    for an STi wagon.
    2 Stroke, Jun 30, 2004
  9. Philip Procter

    2 Stroke Guest

    Oh, yeah, it means they're going faster. Hmmmmmm....
    2 Stroke, Jun 30, 2004
  10. Philip Procter

    Henry Paul Guest

    That was my thought..... Ricers driving by means, YOU LOSE! Bwahahahahahaha!
    Henry Paul, Jun 30, 2004
  11. OK, I've read the reviews and the tests, everyone of them says thatthe
    That's the thing isn't it: it is an ordinary saloon. It just happens to
    have a pack of wolves under the bonnet. My version 3 '96 STI has served all
    driving puposes well these last three years and I wouldn't give it up for
    anything ... except the expanding family. I may be forced to sell it soon
    as we seem to have to carry inordinate amounts of stuff with us on trips
    away, and it is bursting at the seams. Still can outstrip just about
    anything on the hills though!

    STI is not bad at all for everyday street use. Buy one!

    Matt Arvidson, Jul 3, 2004
  12. Philip Procter

    BlueSTi Guest

    The only thing Ricers see if they want to race my STi is the tail
    lights! Not many of the fart-cannon crowd want to take on a STi. The
    STi is the car the pimple-headed, knob jockey dreams about. But, his
    Burger King budget can never buy one. So, they put on a big coffee
    can exhaust, throw in a 200 lb. sound system and annoy everyone in
    society. Oh, yea and you can't forget the chopped springs, and all
    the racing, "performance" stickers on the windows. The stickers must
    add at least a couple HP. I don't understand why they try and pretend
    that have any thing close to a Performance Sports car.

    I am looking forward to the day a ricer can run me down. I would get
    out and shake his hand! It takes one heck of a car to outperform and
    out handle a STi.

    BlueSTi, Jul 3, 2004
  13. Philip Procter

    Guest Guest

    It's called "penis envy". And I'll bet they brag about that size too!

    I had a Honda _try_ to beat me from a light to pass on the 2-1 lane street.
    I just pressed a little harder and it sounded like he was turning 7 grand in
    low. I finallly turned off the AC and pulled ahead. Pimple heads is right! I drive a stock Baja! Wish it was a turbo Baja.
    Username munged by FixNews
    Guest, Jul 3, 2004
  14. Philip Procter

    NitroTrike Guest

    Ive been driving a "worked" 2002 wrx approx. 150-200 miles per day since new.
    At 60k, i went nuts with turbo, injectors, ecutek reflash etc. Prob close to
    380hp. As far as a "daily driver" your only gripe may be getting the speeding
    NitroTrike, Jul 4, 2004
  15. Philip Procter

    Guest Guest

    Does anyone know if the STi has short skirted pistons or not? With all this hupe about it, I almost doubt it. No none has mentioned piston slap noise when cold.
    Username munged by FixNews
    Guest, Jul 5, 2004
  16. Philip Procter

    WRXtreme Guest

    Ok, I am a subaru fanatic from the get go, but would someone please clarify
    what you guys are calling ricers? The reason I ask is because in the town
    where I live the guy w/ the STi is one of the slower cars that show up at
    the track (1/4 mile). These "ricers" are running everything from 530 WHP
    DSM's to Evo's to RX7's to 500 WHP Civics to 800+ WHP Supras. Just because
    the car is owned by a young kid does not make it a ricer, and if it does,
    then we have some ricers running low 11's in DSM's on a regular basis w/ a
    couple of them knocking on the 10 second door, there is a 9.71 second supra
    that is street legal that you may call a ricer because of the loud exhaust.
    Seriously, of the ricer crowd in my community, the slow car that everyone
    picks on is the STi...myself included, and I have an 02 WRX (highly modded,
    but less overall cost than an STi, mind you). I hate to burst everyones
    bubble, but the STi doesn't perform as well as you might think. But its
    still a great car.
    Outhandle? The Evo wins there, for less money. Outperform? give me a 1g
    DSM and about $5000 or give me an Evo and the difference in price between
    Evo and STi.
    I drive a stock Baja! Wish it was a turbo Baja.
    Hmm, I never thought I would be talking bad about subarus, but the STi
    really let me down when I saw it perform.
    WRXtreme, Jul 8, 2004
  17. Ok, I am a subaru fanatic from the get go, but would someone please
    The same thing everyone else is referring to. Civics with huge wings for
    maximum downforce over the rear wheels and stickers everywhere.

    Apparently you live in some bizarro world where the only people who modify
    their cars have taste and common sense. For the rest of us, there are 10
    stupid stickered "V-TECH" Hondas (no joke, it actually says V-TECH, like the
    phone company) for every fast DSM.
    Who was driving it? And what the hell were you expecting from a 30k
    production car? Afterburners?
    Patrick Fisher, Jul 10, 2004
  18. Philip Procter

    Henry Paul Guest

    No joke. They aren't giving the STI a fair shake. You line those cars up
    stock and the STI will smoke any of them, unless of course you have a
    grandma driving it. :)
    Henry Paul, Jul 10, 2004
  19. Philip Procter

    BlueSTi Guest

    I used to own a DSM/Talon for years and I can tell you the "guy" and I
    mean guy singular that is running 530 HP is not driving the car on the
    street. I know what it takes to get that kind of performance out of a
    DSM. Lots and lots of money, race gas and lots an lots of boost! You
    can make a brick go fast if you put enough money and time into it!
    The problem you run into is once you have a car at that level it is
    generally neither streetable or dependable.
    Since I've been down this road I can tell you what it takes to make a
    DSM even comparable to the STi. And you will end up replacing
    practically every component on the car. You will need: new calipers,
    rotors, wheels and tires, completely new suspension, bigger turbo,
    bigger injectors, bigger exhaust, boost gauge, boost controller, FMIC,
    clutch, pressure plate and I could go on and on. And this doesn't
    even include a 6-speed close ratio transmission.

    I have to agree that the EVO does handle slightly better than the STi.
    But, slightly. But, the EVO pays for this advantage in a big way when
    you are rolling down the interstate. The EVO is just jittery and the
    suspension would give me kidney damage. It is just plain harsh. The
    STi seemed to strike the balance between performance and streetablity.
    I could have bought the WRX, EVO, or the STi and the STi was the best
    fit for me. Actually, the WRX would have been fine too. I just liked
    the STi 's performance better.
    The STi will let you down if all you are looking for is a 1/4 mile
    car. It's fast for a bone stock car. But, that is not what the STi
    is all about. It's the balance between power, handling,
    streetability and dependability. There is a good reason that almost
    every car and driver rated the STi as the Sports car of the year.

    BlueSTi, Jul 11, 2004
  20. Philip Procter

    FNO Guest

    I also own an STi and it never lets me down. It is a rally-inspired car (in
    fact, almost rally-ready) which means it isn't a 1/4 mile car; even though
    very few stock cars can smoke it on a 1/4 mile. However, on the twisties,
    few cars will even come close to comparing with it. On dirt, or in snow,
    with a decent set of tires, nothing even comes close (no, not even the EVO;
    it does not perform as well in snow). Like all rally cars, the STi is a
    balance between handling, power, braking, and agility on less-than-ideal
    roads. Moreover, its like that right off the showroom floor. No
    disappointment for me at all
    FNO, Jul 11, 2004
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