Software update for 2020-2023 model years

Jan 14, 2021
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I was excited to get an email from Subaru notifying me that there would be a software update on Wednesday Sept. 21sth that would improve the screen controls and capabilities. I was excited for wireless carplay, improved seat heater buttons, larger heater control bottons and I guess that's about it. Simple stuff, right? Well....Subaru isn't Tesla, so it turns out the update doesn't really do much other than improve stability of some functions. The update doesn't change anything functionally or visually. Dang. Oh well, don't get excited about this update if they send it to you.


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Ryan, thanks for this information. Just left my garage after updating the software on my 2021 Outback XT Touring. I'll check out the upgrades this afternoon when I am ready to run some errands.

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