Replacing gaskets between windshield washer tank and spritzer pumps..any 'how to' videos?

Discussion in 'Subaru Crosstrek' started by f.j.heller, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Aug 7, 2020
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    0 here..I owned 3 outbacks(have a 2016) an one Crosstrek (2013). Problem is with a local Maine dealer who has a monopoly and takes advantage of it.

    I accidental put a qt. of engine oil in windshield washer---dark garage and didn't want to spill the oil on the battery so flipped up the wrong lid, looked for engine light on oil monitor to go off, it didn't; so I went out to explore. Dip stick showed little oil, opened windshield washer lid and up and saw oil bubbles. MERDE!!!

    Washed out some oil with hose and decided to let dealer clean out the tank, etc. since a leg injury prevented me from doing any work under 'TK'. They did and charged $87; so I go to pick it up and service manager said the gaskets were softened by the oil and showed me one. I said so replace them.

    Now it gets interesting. He said it would be better if I replaced the washer pumps too....uh $40 + each. Hmmmm? I said I wanted to think about that, feeling a service gouge coming on. So he had them put back on, filled the tank with washer solution and off I went, everything worked fine.

    Next morning I go out and dashboard light to 'check' windshield washer comes on. Back out 'TK' and refill tank, run errand and then notice a puddle under car. Apparently gaskets leaked; something apparently not noticed or ignored by dealer; nor was I warned about.

    Ordered two gaskets from Subaru parts depot in N.H. at $1.93/each.

    Called dealer and asked to install them. Was told they don't install 'aftermarket' parts. UH HUH!

    Owner came on phone and repeated the policy despite my pleas that they gave me a 'non-working' washer; nor tested it for leaks.....She repeated the 'policy' like a mantra; so I called my bank and withheld payment.

    Q? Is it that difficult to replace the two gaskets? can any mechanic do it? Now that my leg is better can I do it watching a UTUBE video or disassembly guide? Is there a guide to follow...I have a schematic of the washer system by itself, not in vehicle. Nothing better than a laptop with video while you do a 2000 beetle has been repaired that way.
    f.j.heller, Aug 7, 2020
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