Rebuild '00Forester as salvage? Interfering engine?

Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by OORAHHH!, Oct 30, 2003.


    OORAHHH! Guest

    One dealer/mech says it is, another says it's not. Slow
    collision produced piece of metal that poked through radiator
    and eventually nudged the timing belt, disturbing timing. Engine
    wasn't pushed back, everything else is fine. Car continued to
    run but made a clattering noise for a few seconds before wife
    turned off the key.

    If it's an interfering engine the cost of engine repair is
    $$$$$. If it's not, perhaps it's more like $$. Inquiring minds
    need to know, because we can buy this car out of the insurance
    company for $2,000. We know for sure that (1) the engine was
    running when it was turned off, (2) there is absolutely zero
    frame damage, (3) body damage is limited to the front end
    (fenders/hood/bumpercover/lights/grill), and (4) the rest of the
    car is 100% perfect (36k miles and properly maintained).

    It needs two front fenders, bumper cover, front lights, hood,
    grill, crossbar, radiator, the engine work, and a few bits and

    One more point - my wife would really like a specific non-Subaru
    color, so if we go forward we'll do a full-car paint job and
    she'll love it.

    Am I walking into a minefield? Quicksand?
    OORAHHH!, Oct 30, 2003
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    Alan Guest

    Considering no one knows what is really wrong, I'd say you are walking in a
    quicksand minefield.
    Alan, Oct 30, 2003
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    OORAHHH! Guest

    We just got a definitive answer. Alas, that *IS* an interfering engine.

    The damaged vehicle will be $2k. The dealer from which we originally bought the
    car wants $1850 to repair it, with a guarantee. Body work plus paint will be

    Therefore, to buy the car, fix the engine, do the body work, and get a first
    class colorchange paint job will cost under $9k. Because we are certain as to
    the limit of damage, we can't find a reason not to do it.
    OORAHHH!, Oct 30, 2003

    Jim Stewart Guest

    I would not pay the $1850 for the engine work without verifying actual
    valve/piston damage. I think that it's possible that there is none,
    even though you have an interfering engine. Fix the timing belt
    issues and do a compression check. If it's good, button it up and
    send me a small reward :) The fact that the engine ran after the
    accident leads me to believe the damage may not be all that bad.
    Jim Stewart, Oct 30, 2003

    OORAHHH! Guest

    Good call!
    We just discovered that the insurance company paid for a teardown, and they found
    only a couple of slightly damaged valves -- no damage whatsoever to block or pistons.
    Evidently the timing belt just slipped a bit - didn't come off. We'll get the car
    back with the heads removed, and have already found someone offering to rebuild them
    for a few hundred dollars. This is looking better and better.
    OORAHHH!, Oct 30, 2003
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