Ordered a 2005 Outback Wagon

Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by G.R. Aydelotte, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. In about a month, we'll be Subaru owners again. Ordered my wife an OBW
    Limited form the Nashville dealer. Pretty nice negotiation: got it for
    about $1100 over invoice with about $600 worth of options included.
    We're pretty excited about the purchase, although my wife was not
    convinced until last night when I brought one home and we drove in the
    rain over state highways, interstate, and country roads. I took it
    around some nice hairpin curves in 2nd gear (auto sport shift mode).
    I'm not sure what did it for her, but I'm guessing it was that the
    Subie Dubie (as my daughter calls it) didn't finch in any of this
    stuff; you could hear the water splashing away from the tires, etc.,
    but no hyroplaning or skittishness as in other cars. It felt quite
    safe, and gave me peace of mind. One thing I did notice was that auto
    dimming/compass mirror gets in the way of your vision in a curve. I
    will not be getting that option. The driver's seat adjusts upward to
    give better visibility over the hood, and you can adjust it so that it
    squats down giving a more hunkered down feel. This might make up for
    the mirror problem. The car has nice quality finish on pretty much
    everything. The doors make a really nice thunk sound when closing
    them; this gives an aura of quality and reminds me of our old family
    69 diesel Mercedes which had tight doors after 200,000 miles Engine
    performs well enough for us, and the sport shift gives your a little
    more control. The car is just about loaded with standard options. We
    only got the limited for the sunroof which is fantastic-almost like a
    convertible feel with the rear passengers getting about half of the
    23" by 30" opening. The roof is supposed to be specially designed to
    have as much strength as the one without the sunroof. ZIf it is
    permissible, I'd like to mention some dealers I thought were really
    good to work with on price: Madison Subaru (ask for Jasper) in
    Hunstville, AL; Grayson Subaru (as for Seth)in Knoxville, TN; the
    dealer in Memphis, TN, Gwinnett Subaru (ask for Darrell) Atlanta, GA.
    These people were very responsive to emails and were willing to deal,
    but I eventually got a similar deal locally at Jim Reed Subaru (ask
    for Jack Sanchez). IMHO, using the internet and email is the only way
    to go. After driving a 1991 Honda Accord Wagon for 220,000 miles, and
    having some idiot fall asleep and hit my wife and daughter from behind
    almost causing them to go into the oncoming lane, I am relieved to
    find such a safe car in the Subaru. I am convinced they will be in the
    best car for the money, and when it rains or snows I will feel more at
    ease knowing what they are driving. Thanks to this group with the
    advice, especially on SUV's.
    The car will be in around 1st week of July in time for someone's
    birthday ;-)

    G.R. Aydelotte, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Good for you! My Atlantic Blue base OBW will be arriving on June 11th.
    My wife and I are really looking forward to it. I test drove an 05 about
    two weeks ago and really enjoyed the quiet, comfort and ergonomics.

    Rockin Ronnie, Jun 5, 2004
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  3. G.R. Aydelotte

    allyf Guest

    Must you quote the whole message???

    allyf, Jun 6, 2004
  4. allyf wasted bandwidth by writing:
    And your point?
    Rockin Ronnie, Jun 6, 2004
  5. G.R. Aydelotte

    Todd H. Guest

    Must you top post? :)
    Todd H., Jun 6, 2004
  6. G.R. Aydelotte

    KeithH Guest

    Must you bottom post? :)

    KeithH, Jun 7, 2004
  7. G.R. Aydelotte

    Todd H. Guest

    Nah... but if I were to be so petty as to throw netiquette barbs at
    anyone, I'd be sure I was following netiquette myself before doing so.
    Todd H., Jun 7, 2004
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